On this page you'll find a list of the some of the trees of Heenan families I've put together so far.

For most of the family lines, I've started the charts with the earliest ancestor I've been able to find. In the interests of individual privacy I have redacted the names of people who may still be living. My rule has been that I will include the individual name:

  • if I have evidence the person is deceased
  • the individual was born more than 100 years ago


How to use these trees

Click on the links at the end of each entry to view the tree in PDF format. The larger trees are in A3 format so you may need to scroll horizontally and vertically to see all the detail.

If there is no hyperlink it means I have not yet constructed a visual form of the tree. But you can still find the information by using this Search for Families link.

I have a lot more trees to construct and many, many more people to add so please keep checking back to see what's new.

If you can't find what you're looking for, just send me an email and I'll take a look at my data to see if I can help.

Family group 101

Descendants of  Patrick Heenan (abt 1836-1920) and  Ellen O’Brian from County Limerick, Ireland. Primarily located in Monmouthshire, Wales.
View family tree here

Family group 102

Descendants of brothers David Heenan (abt 1860-1901) and wife Phoebe Owens.   John Heenan (abt 1859-abt 1905) and wife Fanny Elizabeth Glass. Located primarily in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire and Cardiff, Wales.
View the family tree via this link:  Heenan family tree 102

Family group 110

Descendants of Thomas Heenan and his wife Mary, resident in Lancashire, England. Their descendants are in Cheshire, England and include William Heenan (born 1846) and his wife Margaret Walford, and their son Herbert Heenan (1878-1954) and Maud Parry, Cheshire, England.

View the family tree via this link: Heenan Family Tree 110

Family group 111

Descendants of James Heenan, born in Dublin abt 1841 and Rachel Percival, of Manchester, England. View the family tree via this link: Heenan Family Tree Group 111

Family group 112

Family of John Heenan (abt 1865 – ?) and Sarah Ann Adby, of Manchester, England

Family group 113

Family of John Heenan (born Ireland about 1874) and Martha Cole, resident in Taunton, Somerset,  England. Their son Ronald was killed while on active service in World War 2.

View the family tree via this link: Heenan family tree 113

Family group 114

Family of James Heenan, (1811-1874) tobacconist and cigar merchant from London and his wife Ellen.
View the family tree via this link: Heenan family tree 114

Family group 115

Descendants of Martin Heenan, (abt 1850-1914) railway porter, and Eliza Blacker, resident in Devon, England and Ohio, USA.
View the family tree via this link: Heenan family tree 115

Family group 116

Descendants of David Heenan born in Scotland (abt 1866-1914) and Agnes McDougal of Stowupland, Suffolk, England.

Family group 118

Family of  William Heenan, born Ireland (abt 1806) and Mary,  born Ireland (abt 1816). Resident in Yorkshire, England in 1840s, 1850s.

Family group 125

Descendants of Maurice Heenan and Ellen McNamara from County Limerick, Ireland.

Family group 126

Descendants of Maurice Heenan and Joanna Fox from County Limerick, Ireland and subsequently Australia.

Family group 127

Descendants of Dr John Heenan  of Birr (Parsonstown), Kings County, Ireland. Includes descendants of son George Heenan and  Belinda Hammersley  

View the family tree via this link: Heenan family tree 127

Family group 129

Descendants of William Patrick Heenan, a civil servant with the Board of Trade in Belfast and his wife Kathleen Grandon. Their son Thomas Grandon Heenan was killed during World War 1.

Family group 130

Descendants of Lawrence Heenan and his wife  Margaret Currens, including their son Lawrence Heenan who was killed while on active service in World War 1.  View the family tree via this link 

Family group 131

Descendants of Dennis Heenan, an early settler in Dunedin, Otago county, New Zealand, and his wife  Joanna. View the family tree via this link 

Family group 171

The family of Shoeing Smith Corporal Timothy Heenan who died at sea in a torpedo attack on a mail boat. His relatives include John Carmel Heenan, Archbishop of Westminster.

The family tree can be viewed in PDF format via this link