Records show there were 19 men with the Heenan surname who enlisted in Australia and served as part of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) during World War 1.

In all, more than 400,000 Australians enlisted during the war, 334,000 of them serving overseas. The AIF sustained approximately 210,000 casualties, of which 61,519 were killed or died of wounds, a casualty rate among the highest of any belligerent for the war.

Later combined into the Australian Corps in 1917, the AIF divisions in France and Belgium were often used to spearhead operations, playing a significant role in the defeat of the German Army in 1918. By the end of the war the AIF had gained a reputation as a highly effective military force. Following the armistice on 11 November 1918, a process of demobilisation began, with the last Australian personnel being repatriated in late 1919.

The information about each soldier listed below is located in their Attestation papers and Military Service Records Enlistment form. There is a significant amount of detail available in those documents but the abbreviations used by the military administrators make them difficult to interpret. I’ll add information as I manage to decipher it and also connect them to their families.

NameBornPlace of BirthService #Enlistment date
Edward Heenanabt 1896Maybole, Scotland269022 Aug 191637th Battalion
William James Heenanabt 1883Lexington,
N/A10 May 1916Discharged on medical grounds 25 June 1916
Charles Joseph Heenanabt 1895Rockhampton Queensland233410 Nov 191611th Battalion Light Horse
Denis Heenanabt 1883Laidley,
16325 Aug 19141st Australian Machine Gun Squadron
Thomas James Heenanabt 1884
Eric Michael Heenanabt 1893Kanowna,
Western Australia
6281722 July 1918Succumbed to Spanish flu on return to Australia. Became a politician
James Heenanabt 1894Laidley,
81019 Jan 19163rd Pioneers
Alfred Theodore Heenanabt 1885Richmond,
30752 Feb 191739th Battalion
Patrick Heenanabt 1881Jellundar, India859225 sept 1915
Maurice Heenanabt 1876Donald,
21042 April 191666th depot
James Augustine HeenanCroydon,
7710 Jan 191611th Machine Gun Company
Michael Francis Heenanabt 1871Forest Hill, Queensland608617 Aug 1916
Peter Heenanabt 1891Brisbane, Queensland367215 Aug 1916
Phillip Patrick Heenanabt 1889Woolwich,
N/A7 Jan 1916Discharged after 4 months. Previous enlistment under different name and deserted.
John Heenanabt 1879Normanton,
175425 Jan 191515th Battalion
Neville James Heenanabt 1893Kanowna, Western Australia29061Oct 1915Awarded military cross. Brother to Eric Michael Heenan (see above)
Albert Frederick Heenanabt 1897Richmond,
735711 Feb 191523rd Battalion