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  1. Karen this is Tim from Australia …Lillian’s grandson.
    I thought you may like to know that when Lillian and Charles came to Tasmania ,I think on 2 occasions in the 1950’s they gave me Claude’s DSO , which I still have in a case with other family medals. If you give me an email address I will send you a photo of it.
    Lillian and Charles visits to Tasmania were a highlight in this small boys life. They were generous and loving and always interested in what we were doing . Lillian especially talked about Claude with admiration, he was a regular part of family conversation.
    You may also like to know that Lillian and Charles also came to Woomera in South Australia (a rocket range ) in the early 1960’s to stay with us ,again another moment of happy memories. I have photos of their visit which I could send to you if they were of interest
    Best wishes Tim

    • Hello Timothy, I’m so sorry not to have replied to you earlier -your comment got caught up in my spam filter in the middle of about 400 comments from some fake people in Russia. I will try sending you an email direct since I’d love to hear more about your family

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