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The Murderous Heenan Family of Ontario, Canada — 3 Comments

  1. Here is what i came up with who were buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, and I roughly calcluated their age at the time of this aleged mob attack.

    St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Lucan Biddulph

    Members list

    Big Jack Kennedy, William Feeheley, Pat Dewan, Dennis, Anthony and Michael Heenan, John Lanphier, James Harrigan, Ryders (Mr. Ryder, Jim, Patrick, Jr., “Sideroad”Jim, Thomas and Daniel), Martin and John McLaughlin, Ted Toohey, John Cain, James Mahers, John and Patrick Quigley, Patrick Breen, James McGrath, John Purtell, Michael Blake, John, Ned and Johnny Ryan, William Thompson, John Darsey, John Bruin, Michael Madigan, James Kenny and finally James Carroll[19] [20]

    Age at 1880 Feb 3
    39 Patrick J Dewan Birth 1841 Death 19 Aug 1891 (aged 49–50)
    60 Anthony Heenan Birth 1820 Death 21 Jan 1884 (aged 64)
    25 Denis Heenan Birth 1854 Death 8 Feb 1920 (aged 65–66)
    23 Michael Heenan Birth 1855 Death 1929 (aged 73–74)
    18 Patrick Ryder Birth 1862 Death 29 Mar 1903 (aged 40–41)
    24 John McLaughlin Birth 1856 Death 23 Apr 1924 (aged 67–68)
    29 John Quigley Birth 1846 Death 15 Mar 1917 (aged 70–71)
    36 Patrick Breen Birth 1844 Death 1915 (aged 70–71)
    35 James McGrath Birth 1845 Death 25 Dec 1880 (aged 34–35)
    ? John Bruin Birth unknown Death unknown
    16 J M Kenny Birth 1864 Death 1937 (aged 72–73)
    23 James Carroll Birth 1857 Death 1936 (aged 78–79)

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