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1911 census indicates he was a naturalised British subject resident of 52 years (abt 1859)

His wife states they have been married 44 years - this would put the year of marriage at 1867 and places it within England, Scot, Wales rather than Ireland

His wife states she has been resident British subject for 50 years (approx 1861)

Marraige registered in Chorlton, Lancs in 1867 - bride’s name is Dolan. 
HEENAN, Michael Joseph 439 (I1055)
Question whether he is also known as Patrick (maybe a middle name)

1871 census Bridget’s husband is called Patrick, born in Ireland in 1834.
1881 census her husand is called James, born Galway Ireland in 1833
1901 census her husband is called James, born Ireland 1835
1905 a Patrick Heenan death registered in district of Gainsborough, calculated date of birth is 1836 
HEENAN, James 419 (I727)
Research notes

Born as Nicholas Heenan
Marries under nane of Nicholas Heenan
By time of 1911 census he is using Lockey as a middle name - this is his mother’s middle name so would appear to be a tribute to her


Living with Alfred Bumpus and his wife Jane in 1901 as a stepson.
Alfred Bumpus married Jane Maddison Ireland in 1904 
HEENAN, Nicholas Lockey 510 (I1190)
4 10 Thomas Row , Rhymney U.D., Monmouthshire, Wales. Also in household is father Edward and mother Emma. Thomas is described as single colliery haulage worker underground. Also i house is Patrick Edward Heenan, born 1859 HEENAN, Thomas William 101 (I78)
5 10 Thomas Row, Rhmney HARRISON, Emma Mary 101 (I81)
6 10 Thomas Row, Rhymney HEENAN, Edward 101 (I59)
7 10 Thomas Row, Rhymney, living with her parents, husband Jeremiah and their two sons Thomas aged 15 and Jeremiah aged12 HEENAN, Mary Catherine 101 (I58)
8 10 Thomas Row, Rhymney- HARRISON, Emma Mary 101 (I81)
9 12 Mount Pleasant , Rhymney RICHARDS, Henry (I77)
10 12 Mount Pleasant, Rhymney HEENAN, Helena 101 (I60)
11 12 Mt Pleasant Rhymney RICHARDS, Henry (I77)
12 12a Beulah Street, Rhymney HEENAN, Rosina 101 (I65)
13 12a Beulah Street, Rhymney HEENAN, Rosina 101 (I65)
14 12a Beulah Street, Rhymney GALLIERS, Jack 101 (I227)
15 12a Beulah Street, Rhymney GALLIERS, Jack 101 (I227)
16 12a Beulah Street, Rhymney HEENAN, Edward 101 (I51)
17 12A Buelah Street, Rhymney 1939 census.mtranscribed as Keenan. HEENAN, John 101 (I61)
18 12th East York Regiment HEENAN, Thomas 166 (I544)
19 13 Beulah Street, Rhymney HEENAN, John 101 (I61)
20 13 Beulah Street, Rhymney HEENAN, John 101 (I61)
21 16 Downs Rd BRANDON, Ralph Cyril Lockhart 127 (I116)
22 1870 census records his place of birth as Vermont HEENAN, Thomas (I769)
23 1871 census gives his age as 30 HEENAN, Patrick 101 (I49)
24 1881 census
35, Green Street, Bishop Wearmouth, Sunderland, Durham, England
Edward Tomsett, head painter, aged 61 born Sunderland
Eliza Tomsett, wife aged 59 born scotland

1861 census
6, York Street, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, Durham, England
Edward Tomsett, head, house painter, aged 41 born Sunderland
Eliza Tomsett, wife aged 39 born scotland

Elizabeth J Tomsett, daughter, aged
9, scholar, born Sunderland 
TOMSETT, Edward 165 (I604)
25 1881 census when shown as aged 34 HEENAN, Patrick 101 (I49)
26 1891 census

Residence is Incorectly transcribed by Ancestry. Their reocrds document her as living with another family but they have failed to recognise the census enumerator mark denoting a different household and property 
RAYNOR, Emma 209 (I616)
27 1891 census gives his birth place as Broxburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland. He is not registered in 1881 census HEENAN, Laurence 130 (I364)
28 1891 census he says he was born in Lancashire. 1881 census he says he was born in Liverpool HEENAN, Hugh 500 (I1381)
29 1891 census records here as Helener but 1901 and 1911 census she is Ellen HEENAN, Ellen 200 (I590)
30 1891 census when he is shown as age 46 HEENAN, Patrick 101 (I49)
31 1901 census HEENAN, John 146 (I23)
32 1901 census HEENAN, Ellen 146 (I24)
33 1901 census gives age of 29, 1911 gives age 39 HEENAN, Maurice 101 (I54)
34 1901 census he is working at the Ankerwycke stables at Wraysbury, Eton

Wikipidia provides this information:
On the Ankerwycke estate in the village are the ruins of a Benedictine nunnery, founded in the reign of King Henry II. One of the 50 oldest trees in the United Kingdom can be found here: at around 2000 years old,[5] the Ankerwycke Yew dates from the Iron Age, and is so wide that you can fit a Mini Cooper behind its trunk and not see it from the other side. Local legend says that Anne Boleynonce sat under the tree, while residing at the Ankerwycke estate, but this has not been verified.[6][7] The Ankerwycke estate was bought by John Blagrove, a prominent Jamaican slave owner, who did much to improve the estate

British History Online
'Parishes: Wyrardisbury or Wraysbury', in A History of the County of Buckingham: Volume 3, ed. William Page (London, 1925), pp. 320-325. British History Online [accessed 8 May 2019]. has this information
he Ankerwycke estate, the property of Mr. Guy Harcourt, lies in the south of the parish. The ruins of Ankerwycke Priory, a house of Benedictine Nuns, are apparently of the 13th century with 15th-century additions, and consist of a length of wall, 10 ft. high, running east and west with two shorter fragments at the east and north-west. In the longer wall are three windows, all facing the south. There is a 15th-century opening in the fragment of wall at the northwest, and the east wall is strengthened by diagonal buttresses. All are now in a ruinous condition and overgrown with ivy. Near the ruins of the old nunnery is a large yew tree, connected traditionally with a meeting between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. In 1813 its girth 3 ft. from the ground was 27 ft. 8 in. and this in 1906 had increased to 30 ft. (fn. 8)Ankerwycke House, the residence of Mr. A. H. Benson, was built by John Blagrove in the early 19th century (fn. 9) on the site of the 16th-century residence of Sir Thomas Smith, statesman and scholar under Edward VI and Elizabeth. (fn. 10) The latter sovereign visited Sir Thomas Smith there in 1565. (fn. 11) The grounds overlook the Thames with the Surrey hills in the background. Near Ankerwycke is Magna Charta Island, where is preserved the stone framed in oak on which King John is said to have affixed his seal to Magna Charta. 
HEENAN, John 439 (I1101)
35 1901 census shows age as 55 HEENAN, Patrick 101 (I49)
36 1911 census HEENAN, Pat 127 (I25)
37 1911 census MAHONEY, Hannah 127 (I26)
38 1939 census for 25 Lower Cross Row , Rhymney shows him as retired coal hewer living with Ellen hennan. His dob is given as 18/11/1870. 2 people only living at this address. HEENAN, Maurice 101 (I54)
39 1939 census he is living at 10 Thomas Row, Rhymney. census record is altered to read McMahon not Heenan. occupation a colliery haulier (below) Also in the house are Patrick Ed Heenan dob Jan 11, 1919, single. colliery roof controller (below) dob given as Feb 26, 1897. And Emma M Heenan - Status married. occupation unpaid domestic duties HEENAN, Edward 101 (I59)
40 1939 census incorrectly gives 18 May 1882 as DOB HEENAN, Helena 101 (I60)
41 1939 census living at 3 Thomas Row, Rhymney. Shown as colliery onsetter OAP. also in house is Sarah Woods (mother) and 10 year old Jeremiah Woods WOODS, Jeremiah 101 (I85)
42 1939 census she is living at 10 Thomas Row, Rhymney. dob given as Feb 26, 1897. Status married. occupation unpaid domestic duties
Also resident are Edward Heenan (census record is altered to read McMahon) a colliery haulier (below) and Patrick Ed Heenan dob Jan 11, 1919, single. colliery roof controller (below) 
HARRISON, Emma Mary 101 (I81)
43 1939 census shows him living at 3 Thomas Row. dob given as April 1 1873
Widower. Ocupation of colliery onsetter below OAP
Also in household are Sarah Elizabeth Woods born March 30 1903 Maried. Unpaid domestic duties
and John Woods, born Jan 1, 1929 single at school
two other people in household - info is redacted 
WOODS, Jeremiah 101 (I85)
44 1939 census shows him living at 5 Hill road with his wife [Mary] V. DOB given as 16/1/1906. Coal hewer (below). Living with him is his father William (now a widower) and his brother Edward HEENAN-EVANS, William J 101 (I46)
45 1939 living at 10 Thomas Row , Rhymney U.D., Monmouthshire, Wales with Edward Heenan (husband?)Patrick Edward Heenan (single) and Thomas William Heenan (son born 1921 single, a colliery haulage driver) HARRISON, Emma Mary 101 (I81)
46 1941 - requests his name be changed to Barry Heenan

Information about his film acting roles from

Barry Heenan is an actor, known for Above Suspicion (1943), Forever and a Day (1943) and The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947).

Above Suspicion: MGM produced He played a student though did not appear in the credits list. Film directed by Richard Thorpe. Starred Joan Crawford, Fred MacMurray, Basil Rathborne. Described as a spy thriller which has a mixure of suspense and a serious background with light hearted adventure and comedy.

Forever and a Day. He played a card player (uncredited) in the film which was produced by RKO Radio Pictures. Cast included Bustr Keaton, Ray Milland, Claude Rains, Charles Laughton. New York Times review March 13, 1943 - said the story is rather hackneyed though the film had some amusing and affecting passages. The most remarkable thing however was that it had 7 directors nd producers, 21 writers and 79 actors - was conceived 2years earlier as a tribute t Britain’s courage.Many of the people inolved gave their services free with proceeds to go to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, Twentieth Century Fox, starred Betty Grable. Barry Heenan played a stenographer. The New York Times review on feb 12, 1947 called it “a slight musical” “monotonous humoiur ….. the bulk of the music is as sticky as toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube” “Ther eis no more voltage in The Shocking Miss Pilgrim than in a badly used dry cell”.

Credited as writer of a play
Girls on Parade, a comedy in three acts by Barry Heenan (Royalty Plays) Copyright.T.S Denison & co 13 Feb 1957; DP2884. Source - Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third series, 1958 , Library of Congress
page 16. sourced via Google Books

Credited as joint scriptwriter of a play

Strangers at Willington, a comedy in one act by Charles A Bastin and Barry Heenan (Denison’s One act plays) copyright T.S Denison &vo, 15 April 57. Source Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third series, 1958 , Library of Congress page 37. sourced via Google Books 
HEENAN, John Barry Hammersley 127 (I923)
47 27 July 1891 GOLIGHTLY, Mary J 209 (I830)
48 27 Tan y Bryn, Rhymney ENGLAND, Betty P 101 (I217)
49 27 Tan y Bryn, Rhymney HEENAN, Thomas William 101 (I78)
50 3 Thomas Row, Rhymney with son and daughter in law WOODS, Jeremiah 101 (I85)

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