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George HEENAN, 127

Male 1814 - 1866  (52 years)

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George Frederick Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Wilhelmina Isabella Jane SMITH, 127 Female
Richard Hammersley HEENAN Male
Mary HEENAN, 127 Female
HALL, 127 Male
Kathleen HEENAN, 127 Female
Doreen HEENAN, 127 Female
George Albert MERRIFIELD, 127 Male
George Robert HEENAN, 127 Male
Marjorie Field STEWARD, 127 Female
Alice Isabel HEENAN, 127 Female
Ralph Cyril Lockhart BRANDON, 127 Male
Dorothy D S HEENAN, 127 Female
John Lawder HEENAN, 127 Male
Mary, 127 Female
Doreen E HEENAN, 127 Female
John Alexander HEENAN, 127 Male
Rebecca Florence SMITH, 127 Female
David Nelson Dundas HEENAN, 127 Male
Elsa M POCOCK, 127 Female
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R. H. (Private) HEENAN, 127 Male
John Nelson Dundas HEENAN, 127 Male
Florisse D MEACHAM, 127 Female
J. J. H. (Private) HEENAN, 127 Male
P. A. (Private) HEENAN, 127 Female
Robert Lawrence Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Anne Keightley MOULSDALE, 127 Female
P. R. H. (Private) HEENAN, 127 Male
R. J. (Private) KEOUGH, 127 Female
Gwendoline Brita HEENAN, 127 Female
Ernest A WARREN, 127 Male
John V HADDOCK, 127 Male
B. H. (Private) HEENAN, 127 Female
Malcolm LEA-WILSON, 127 Male
New chart
Richard Edward Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Brita Frances BARON, 127 Female
Olivia Violet Beresford Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Female
Frederic John BAYLEY, 127 Male
Kathleen Ada HEENAN, 127 Female
Richard Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Ada DRUMMOND, 127 Female
John Barry Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Michael Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Joan Pamela SIMPLE, 127 Female
John Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Ailsa Linley ROBINSON, 127 Female
Dorothy BOWER, 127 Female
Evelyn Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
E. P. H. (Private) HEENAN, 127 Female
Kenneth Siberry LAKE, 127 Male
George Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Sheila Hammersley LAKE, 127 Female
Emma Rhoda Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Female
Claude Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Gertrude (Gertie) Julia RUDMAN, 127 Female
Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Margaret Joan Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Female
Eric James ASKEY, 127 Male
Commander Vernon Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Victoria WOOD, 127 Female
Nora Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Female
Alfred Benson LAING, 127 Male
Eileen Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Female
Aldo Otto Sabino COSAMATI, 127 Male
Robert Henry Hammersley HEENAN, 127 Male
Edith Maria FULLER, 127 Female
Wilhelmina Frances HEENAN, 127 Female
New chart
George HEENAN, 127 Male
Belinda H HAMMERSLEY, 127 Female